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ErrCode: Unable to locate corresponding Transfer event log

Why does this keep happening?!

This error appears on when a sender tries to transfer out more tokens than they have.

Generally this is due to a few possible events:

  • When adding a custom token:
    • You specified the incorrect token contract address (resulting in an attempt to send a token that you have none of).
    • You specified the incorrect token decimal (resulting in an attempt to send 50,000,000 of a token, as opposed to 5,000 of it).
  • When sending a default token:
    • You specified an amount to send higher than you actually own.

How can I stop this from happening?

  • Remove and re-add the custom token.
    • Be sure to specify the correct decimals and token contract address this time (look up the name of the token on ethplorer).
  • Make sure that you are attempting to send either the same amount of tokens that you have, or less.

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