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Swapping ETH, BTC, REP via Bity

"How do I swap my ETH for BTC or BTC for ETH?"

  • Go to the Swap page:
  • Enter the amount of ETH / BTC / REP you would like to exchange.
  • Click the "Let's do this!" button.
  • Enter your receiving ETH or BTC address.
  • If sending BTC, you will see an address and a QR code to send to. Open up your bitcoin wallet and send that EXACT amount of BTC from the wallet.

Please be sure to send a high enough TX fee to have it processed quickly.

Please be sure to send the correct amount of BTC in addition to the TX fee. This means that a slightly larger amount should leave your address than what you sent.

  • If sending ETH, unlock your wallet and send the transaction.
  • The ETH or BTC will show up in the address you entered in Step #4.

If you are having issues with your Swap, please go to the swap page on and click the "Issue with your Swap? Contact support" link near the bottom of the page.

This will send an email to both us and with the information we need from you in order to look into the issue. Namely:

Amount to send:
Amount to receive:
Payment Address:

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