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What to do if you've had your funds stolen?

I’m really sorry, but it sounds like you may have been the victim of a phishing attack, malware, remote-access hack (e.g. via Teamviewer), or something similar. I cannot easily tell you how this could have happened without knowing what you do.

Unfortunately, once a transaction is on the blockchain, it's final. We do what we can to warn others, take down the site, or whatever we can given the particular situation.

In order to prevent this from happening in the future please:

  1. Read: Protecting yourself and your funds
  2. Bookmark and only access the site via your own bookmark.
  3. Get a Ledger or Trezor -or- create a new, secure wallet & back it up offline.
  4. Move all funds from all accounts you have to this new, secure account as soon as possible.

In order to help us determine how this happened:

  1. Send us the URL(s) you accessed, or Ethereum-related applications you may have downloaded.
  2. Send us any malicious websites or applications you visited or downloaded. We send takedown requests and warn others.
  3. Post a comment on all the addresses that your ETH was moved to on saying that this account robbed you. This will help others know that this person is a thief in the future.

Again, We're really sorry.

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