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Call to Action: Help us w/ these Phishers, Please

These phucks will not stop until they stop getting money or get caught. We don't have the time or manpower to do it all. There are so many things to do and watch and document. We thank you for your help.

1. Educate when you see a message

  • If you see a link to one of these sites or a fake Token Sale address, comment on it in #general or on Twitter or on Reddit or wherever. Warn people QUICKLY & LOUDLY.

"There are scammers that are DMing, posting links, posting comments, and trying to get you to navigate to fake URLs. DO NOT CLICK IT!" (Yes. People still don't know this. I don't know where they are, obviously not here on reddit).

Remind people: "If it's to good to be true, it probably is."

⚠ PSA! Do NOT click the link or listen to the scammer! That is a phishing site. Always check your URL and/or consider getting a Ledger or TREZOR hardware wallet.

If you have a moment, please report the recent malicious site myetherwallet[.]su as phishing to Google via and If you have IE, do the same via Tools -> Report as Malicious Site so they can't trick anymore people.

2. Educate before you see a message

This is too much for one post so help spread the word: Private keys are private. Use hardware wallets. Use cold storage. Go offline. Check URLs.

3. Report the absolute living daylights out of the malicious URLs

What to do if you see a malicious site or post in the future

I am writing to you today to report a malicious website on your service: insert_domain_here. This website is posing as the legitimate site The operators of this malicious phishing website site ( insert_domain_here_again ) have added code that steals the private keys of unsuspecting users, sends them insecurely to their own servers in order to steal the users' money. Please stop providing your service to ( insert_domain_here_again ) immediately to prevent further theft and protect users. Thank you.

To find their host, whois their info and find the abuse contact

4. Make, share, warn, & help eduate. Things like "how to avoid phishing / badware" a la

5. Only if you are careful and you really really really are game:

Thank you for everything. We literally wouldn't be in this shit situation without you supporting us. ?Kidding—it's all part of this crazy wild adventure called the future. We'll figure it out, but it's better together.

# phuckphishers

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