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Lost Password

I’m really sorry but MyEtherWallet is not a "web wallet". You do not create an account or give us your ETH or tokens to hold onto. We are simply an interface that allows you to easily interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

In order to ensure your security & privacy, no sensitive data is ever saved, stored, or transmitted when you use MyEtherWallet. We only have access to the information that is publicly available on the blockchain.

Unfortunately, this means we cannot:
  • Recover or reset your password
  • Recover your private key
  • Reverse or cancel transactions
  • Access your account
  • Recover your account
  • Send your ETH or Tokens from one address to another

However, Dave at can be very helpful if you have an idea of what you password may be. He has amazing reviews. Check out his site for more details on what he can and cannot recover.

In the future, we highly recommend you print out a paper version of your wallet and keep it somewhere safe as a backup. You can read more about how to safely back up your wallet here.

Again, I’m really sorry.

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