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Hardware Wallet Recommendations

One of the safest & easiest ways to store your ETH, Tokens, ETC, BTC, and many other coins is via a Ledger Nano S or TREZOR. Both are hardware wallets. Both work with And both cost less than $100 ( < 0.1 ETH ).

Why do you need a hardware wallet?

In theory, as long as you keep backups of your keys, don't visit any malicious / phishing sites, never use remote access software, and don't install any malicious applications, you should be fine. However, we hear from users every day who lose, misplace, destroy, or have their private keys and funds stolen. It only takes one mistake to lose everything.

The hardware options give you peace of mind, are easy to use, and are becoming a must-have for anyone storing more funds than they are willing to lose. I would personally recommend it for anyone storing anything over 2wks salary.

The device itself holds the keys and signs transactions for you. MyEtherWallet is integrated with Ledger, TREZOR and Bitbox, so you can even use the same interface you are already familiar with. This ensures your keys aren't ever on any internet-connected device. Phishers can't get them. Malware can't get them. Keyloggers can't get them.

When you set it up you will write down your key (24-word backup phrase) and store it offline in a secure secondary location (e.g a fire proof cabinet or perhaps in a safety deposit box at your local bank). This ensures you can still access and use your funds if something happens to your hardware wallet.

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