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MyEtherWallet's QuickTips

1. Hardware wallets ensure your key isn't vulnerable to phishers. Order a TREZOR or Ledger today!

2. This Chrome Extension warns you if you go to a malicious site:

3. We have the MyEtherWallet Chrome Extension:

4. [The MEW Philosophy] Education is Key: Ethereum, security, privacy, importance of controlling your keys & how the blockchain works

5. [The MEW Philosophy] Empower the people: Give people the ability to interact with the Ethereum blockchain without having to run a full node

6. [The MEW Philosophy] If it can be hacked, it will be hacked: Never save, store, or transmit passwords or keys

7. [The MEW Philosophy] Make it easy & free: Everyone should be able to create an account and send Ether & Tokens

8. [The MEW Philosophy] People are the Priority: You are the most important. If monetization leads to a worse user experience, we don't do it

9. [The MEW Philosophy] Private: No tracking, ads, demographics! We don't know who you are, what you do on our site, nor where you are

10. Always check that you are on the correct URL. (e.g.

11. Always double-check what you are sending, how much you are sending & what address you are sending to.

12. Back up your key in a separate location BEFORE sending ETH/Tokens to it

13. Be VERY careful entering your private key on ANY site

14. Before sending to a third-party or using a new service, always Google the service name + "scam" or "reviews"

15. Bookmark your crypto sites. Use those bookmarks and only those.

16. Brain wallets (where you choose the seed) are not secure. Human brains cannot generate entropy. Don't use brain wallets

17. Do not ever run remote-access software (e.g. TeamViewer)

18. Do not trust addresses or URLs. Always verify information w/ a secondary source

19. Do not trust any address except the one posted on the official site

20. Do you know another language? Help keep MEW translations up to date!

21. Don't click on links from Slackbots or Slack DMs

22. Don't ever trade / buy / sell ETH via Paypal. They can file a dispute and take your money 90 days later

23. Don't trust DMs or Emails. We will never DM you or email except in response to you

24. Don't enter your private key to check your balance. Use

25. Don’t click any link regarding crypto, money, banking. Always navigate directly.

26. Don’t click on advertisements.

27. Double check the URL: it's always

28. Follow us on Twitter for important alerts:

29. For new accounts, especially cold storage, send small amount in & out

30. allows you to easily see token balances and transfers allows you to easily see token balances and transfers

31. If you ever have an Issue with you Swap, click the orange "Issue with your Swap?" button on the Swap page. This will get you help fastest!

32. If you have accidentally visited or typed a malicious site, clean out your recent history and autocomplete

33. If you mistyped your private key, you can try the tool at the bottom of our helpers page:

34. Install an adblocker that actually turns off Google/Bing Ads

35. Keystore File (UTC / JSON): This is encrypted by your password. It matches the format used by Mist so you can easily import it in the future

36. MEW is client-side / serverless. We are 100% open source & audit-able by all

37. MEW supports viewing & sending all ERC-20 Tokens. You can add them yourself

38. Mnemonic Phrases derive an infinite number of addresses & private keys

39. Never email your private key or keep it in cloud storage. Print it out or get a hardware wallet instead

40. Never enter your private keys, passwords, sensitive data on a website that you were sent via message

41. Never hand type your private key / keystore file. Double-check the words for mnemonic keys if hand typing

42. Never hand-type your address. (If you mistype, your ETH could be lost forever!)

43. Never invest more than you are willing to lose, then you can enjoy the ride ?

44. No one is giving you free or discounted ETH. Even for completing a survey

45. ONLY unlock your wallet when you want to send a transaction

46. Our helpers page is full of nifty helpers, like WEI <-> ETH converter and debugging ENS reveals!

47. Phishers try to trick you with scary messages. Don't fall for them

48. Private Key (unencrypted): The unencrypted text version of your private key, meaning no PW is necessary. Keep it offline, like on paper!

49. Pro-tip: When asking for help, be nice. Grouchy-pants get helped slower than a 1 GWEI TX on a token sale day. ??

50. See what gas price you should use at

51. Send a test transaction first & make sure it arrives at intended destination before sending all the ETH

52. Store backups of you Keystore file version & paper wallet in physically separate, offline environments

53. The best passwords are strong & easy to remember. If you store your password with your keystore file, it's pretty much useless

54. The TX fee = gas price * gas limit & is paid to miners for including your TX in a block. Higher gas price = faster TX, but more expensive

55. Turn on 2FA for everything today. Go do it. Right now

56. Use the version of your address that has uppercase letters. It has a checksum

57. Want to dive deeper? Check out our friends at

58. Want to dive deeper? Check out this list:

59. Worried about your device being compromised? Get yourself a Ledger or Trezor Hardware Wallet

60. You can connect to MEW's, Etherscan's, Infura's or your own nodes via Click the dropdown in the top-right

61. You can run MEW locally instead of trusting our URL

62. You can turn your unencrypted private key into a keystore file via the MyEtherWallet Chrome Extension

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