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Developing MyEtherWallet v3

Github Repo is here:

If you want to help contribute, here's what you need to know to get it up and running and compiling.

  • Both the Chrome Extension and the are compiling from the same codebase. This code is found in the app folder. Don't touch the dist or chrome-extension folders.
  • We use angular and bootstrap. We used to use jQuery and Bootstrap until it was converted in April 2016. If you wonder why some things are set up funky, that's why.
  • The mercury branch is currently the active development branch. We then push the dist folder live to gh-pages, which then gets served to
  • We use npm / gulp for compiling. There is a lot of stuff happening in the compliation.
  • Our node currently runs using the json relay found in json_relay_node. This is written in node.js.
  • Our node used to run on the json relay found in json_relay_php which was written in php.

Getting Started

  • Start by running npm install.
    • I currently have node v4.2.6 & npm v3.7.2 so check to see if you need to update those is something isn't working.
    • You may need to install browserify and angular globally?
  • Run gulp. Gulp will then watch & compile everything and then watch for changes to the HTML, JS, or CSS.
  • For distribution, run gulp clean.

Folder Structure

  • fonts and images get moved into their respective folders. This isn't watched via gulp so if you add an image or font, you need to run gulp again.
  • includes are the pieces of the pages / the pages themselves. These are pretty self explanatory and where you will make most frontend changes.
  • layouts are the pages themselves. These basically take all the pieces of the pages and compile into one massive page. The navigation is also found here...sort of.

  • You can control what shows up on vs the Chrome Extension by using: @@if (site === 'cx' ) { ... } and @@if (site === 'mew' ) { ... }. Check out sendTransaction.tpl to see it in action. The former will only compile to the Chrome Extension. The latter only to

  • embedded.html is for embedding the wallet generation into third-party sites. Read more about it and how to listen for the address generated here.

  • The wallet decrypt directives are at scripts/directives/walletDecryptDrtv.js. These show up on a lot of pages.
  • The navigation is in scripts/services/globalServices.js. Again, we control which navigation items show up in which version of the site in this single file.
  • As of September 2016, almost all the copy in the .tpl files are only there as placeholders. It all gets replaced via angular-translate. If you want to change some copy you need to do so in scripts/translations/en.js folder. You should also make a note about what you changed and move it to the top of the file so that we can make sure it gets translated if necessary.
  • styles is all the less. It's a couple custom folders and bootstrap. I am in the process of re-factoring all the CSS, getting rid of Bootstrap, and really limiting the CSS to what we absolutely need.

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